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Chesterton Mechanical Seals


This page is designed for our customers to find quick information on Chesterton mechanical seals.  For more detailed information click on the links below.  Pages will open in a new window.  Right click and "save link as" to download.


Chesterton Mechanical Seal Web Page - Most complete and detailed information

Chesterton Mechanical Seal Catalog - Complete catalog in pdf

Links to Chesterton web pages:


442C Single Split Cartridge Seal

The Chesterton 442C™ Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal is the latest innovation in split seal technology, combining superior seal performance with the ease of installation of a cartridge split seal. 


  • Eliminates the headaches of equipment disassembly

  • Designed by the people who invented the split seal

  • Easy installation - only 2 sets of halves to assemble

  • Short axial length

  • Field repairable - no other split seal offer this

  • Spare parts kits available


442C Brochure - Large brochure (12 Mb)

Product Data Sheet - Basic features

Design Features - Detailed design features

Installation Instructions - Includes dimensional info

Installation Video - YouTube video

Repair Video - YouTube video

Chesterton Web Page - Page for this seal


180 Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal

Upgrade to the new, higher level of reliability and performance in Heavy Duty Cartridge Sealing.  The 180 Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal is specifically designed to handle demanding, high torque applications.  This superior high performance product is an ideal selection for such difficult applications as high concentration black liquor, hard to seal monomers such as acrylonitrile, vinyl chloride monomer and any other potentially viscous solidifying liquids.


Also available in a hydro-pad version for sealing condensate where no cooling flush is acceptable.


180 Seal Brochure

180 Installation Instructions - Contains dimensional info

180 Installation Video

180H Brochure - This is the hot water version of the 180

Chesterton Web Page

155 Standard Single Cartridge Seal

The 155 seal is a robust design with monolithic seal faces and generous radial clearances for installation when equipment conditions are not optimal.  This seal offer flexibility due to the moveable gland tabs and oversize gland tabs are available.  


155 Seal Brochure

155 Installation Instructions - Contains dimensional info

155 Installation Video - YouTube video

S10 High Performance Cassette Seal

The Streamline S-Series is a true cassette design whereby the inner cassette containing the workings of the seal are easily removable allowing for the retainment of the gland with the pump.  4th generation technology in an economical package--this seal has proven to be exceptionally reliable for plant-wide service.


S10-S20 Seal Brochure

S10 Installation Instructions - Contains dimensional info

S10 Flush Port Arrangement - How to plumb ports

S10 Installation Video - YouTube video

170 Slurry Seal

Designed from the ground up to operate in slurry concentrations of up to 40% with NO flush.  A very simple, rugged design, there very few places for abrasive particle to congregate and the sturdy pressure plate with oversize springs makes the 170 seal able to withstand severe environments.


170 Brochure

170 Dimensional Information

170 Features & Benefits

170 In Action - YouTube video

150 Economical General Purpose  Seal

The 150 is a value leader in its class.  It is the ideal choice to reduce high maintenance costs and prevent wasteful leakage, shaft fretting damage, and inefficient downtime.  Designed for baseline applications and for upgrading packed or component sealed equipment, the 150 seal makes general industrial sealing simple, reliable and affordable.


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