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AW Chesterton - the world's oldest, world's finest

sealing provider


Since 1884 AW Chesterton has been providing sealing solutions.  Most of the innovations in packing and mechanical sealing have come directly from AW Chesterton company, including the first cartridge seal and the first split seal.


Chesterton® is recognized as the leading international manufacturer of industrial fluid sealing systems, high performance protective coatings, cleaners, lubricants and specialty industrial maintenance products. With sales and service locations in more than 100 countries Chesterton is known as the hands-on expert partner to increase their customers’ reliability and productivity, and to enhance their business performance and competitive advantage.


Mechanical Seals, a comprehensive line of seals that are seen as the industry standard for sealing pumps, mixers, reactors, dryers and other rotating equipment.


Mechanical Packing and Gaskets for reliable service for sealing rotating, reciprocating and stationary equipment


Polymer Seals, a broad range of industrial standard and custom seals for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rotating Equipment.


ARC Composite Coatings, a comprehensive line of coatings for Metal and Concrete surface Erosion/ Corrosion control and Flooring Systems.


Industrial Lubricants / MRO Chemicals, a broad range of Cleaners, Lubricants, Metal Working Fluids and Maintenance Specialty products.



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Carman Sealing Technology is your authorized AW Chesterton Distributor

Chesterton invented the split seal and continues to improve it with the Chesterton 442C split cartridge seal--the gold standard for the industry.

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